Six of Crows and Writing Woes

After enjoying this incredible duology, I just want to write like Leigh Bardugo. Is that too much to ask? My friend told me about Six of Crows a couple of years ago, and it lingered on my mind for a while. What convinced me to check out this book was the world-building. Bardugo's Grishaverse, as … Continue reading Six of Crows and Writing Woes

Sleapy Takes #1

Not enough for a long post each, but enough that I still want to share. These are some quick sleapy takes. Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata (book) This story is about Keiko, a 36-year-old woman who still works at a convenience store in Tokyo. She is good at her job and never wants to … Continue reading Sleapy Takes #1

Sleapy Rec: Austin McConnell

New year, new Sleapy Rec (because I've been so consistent with these). But I really think this one could be something just about anyone with a curious and creative mind would like. Title: Austin McConnell (creator, YouTube channel) About: Austin McConnell is a filmmaker, actor, author, and successful content creator on YouTube. I don’t want … Continue reading Sleapy Rec: Austin McConnell

Research For Fun

“The big Why questions to everything being so exact for conscious life to exist.” -- A sample of my notes. Of the many stories I am slowly and occasionally working on, one of them involves traveling between parallel universes. A visual for my concept of multiple universes is... if each universe were one wire, with … Continue reading Research For Fun

When Writing Gets Scary (Part 2 of 2)

Having the inspiration and ideas is the fun part before you have no choice but to sit down and start putting words together. You hope these words good enough for the glorious idea in your head. Sometimes... you just don't expect the things that get in your way. My previous post laid out the origins … Continue reading When Writing Gets Scary (Part 2 of 2)

When Inspired (Part 1 of 2)

Getting inspired is the best and easy part of the creative writing process. That’s it. So, this summer, I had a second story idea. My first was the cyberpunk story I’ve mentioned in a previous post, but something else bloomed. This summer, I rewatched the anime Banana Fish, adapted from the manga by Akimi Yoshida. … Continue reading When Inspired (Part 1 of 2)

Sleapy Rec: Overly Sarcastic Productions

Hello again! September's Sleapy Rec is for my classics fans in literature and history! If you're also in need of a quick rundown of topics such as Dante's Inferno or Journey to the West, or even just overviews of story tropes, this channel's got what you need and more! Title: Overly Sarcastic Productions (YouTube Channel) … Continue reading Sleapy Rec: Overly Sarcastic Productions

The Game In Writing

This past week has been a long mega crunch in fixing my one complete novel. My progress is slow, but using new methods I've been trying recently, I've learned 2 things: I've found a game in writing and I recognized how terrible my writing is. I've been holding onto an Amazon proof of my YA … Continue reading The Game In Writing